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Thankyou for continuing to deliver what is far and away the best sailing publication on the planet. I've cxl'd almost all of the other rags that I used to receive... but the 'Horse just keeps galloping along! Andrew Besheer USA

Your magazine is the highlight of my month. Always anticipating every issue? Rob Martin NZ

Thankyou so much for belting out Seahorse, it's our shining beacon on knowledge, a fantastic monthly review. Keep it up. Magnus Clark Canada

As always, Seahorse is our favourite magazine and the only one that I read cover to cover. Our friend Andrew is doing a nice job of gently prodding the sport measurably forward. Peter Johnstone USA

I love the magazine. Better than anything available in North America and it keeps me up to date on everything IRC. Kevin Brown Canada

You do a fantastic job and I have stopped getting two other mags to buy a sub for Seahorse. No other one has the depth of tech. that you give space to and serve. John Fitzpatrick Ireland

Keep on with the wonderful Seahorse. It's the publication that I look forward to receiving the most. Dave Hubbard USA

You publish a fantastic magazine, keep up the good work. Rob Waterman USA

I appreciate finding the latest issue of Seahorse in the mailbox and curling up in the boat or at home for quiet enjoyment. Keep up the fine work. Chris Schram Netherlands

As I am a subscriber for 10 years I would like to use the chance to congratulate you on the great magazine. It is accurate, up-to-date and especially the writers with inside knowledge provide a very enjoyable magazine. Keep it up! Bernard Kryszak Germany

Congratulations to your magazine, by far the best in class! Rafael Valdivia USA

Your magazine is fabulous! Philip Rzepecky NZ

I really enjoy your magazine and keep up the good work. Scott Easom USA

I don't want to neglect to also take the opportunity to say, that SEAHORSE magazine is the very best sailing magazine currently available in the entire world!! I can't do without it! Keep up the great work! Gary Blair USA

Recently I have discovered with horror that my Seahorse collection is missing no. 367. Would it be possible for us to ask for one copy of no. 367? For us it would be a big loss, as I say, I have all of them from the last 40+ years well kept, ordered and valued. Federico Garcia-Germán Spain

With Seahorse we get one copy and have a waiting list to read it. Dan Neri - USA

Thank you for a great magazine. Sylvia Rodeback USA

I depend on your magazine and Motor Sport to retain my last vestiages of sanity, the only wo publications to keep high standards of content and presentation in an increasingly superficial society. Michael Woodhead UK

Seahorse is quite simply the most authorative magazine available on offshore sailing. Alistair Skinner China

My hat is off to you and your staff. This was the first year subscribing after talking about it for years. I thoroughly read and enjoyed every issue. Randy Draftz USA

Still the best magazine in the world, thanks for all your work. Ben Landon USA

Another very enjoyable issue of Seahorse.... Many thanks! Denis Peres France

Thank you for the nice job done... Jean-yves Bernot France

The subscription is for my son, Noah McWatters. He asked me to subscribe a year ago for him. He's aged 11 and determined to be a yacht designer. I told him essential reading was Seahorse - he's been an avid reader since! Steven McWatters UK

Yet another exceptional issue. Carl Cramer USA

Thanks for a great magazine. Bob Dill USA

Shall enjoy your excellent magazine with mouth-watering gadgetry for another year. Ian McCormick UK

Thanks, as always, for your fantastic in-depth coverage. Paige Brooks USA

As always, your rag continues to be the best, keep up the good work. Eric Steinberg USA

I don't know how all of you keep it up, but Seahorse still is (and by far) the gold standard. Eric Hall USA

Best read in yachting for sure - keep up the good work. David Minors NZ

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